An army of more empowered African women who are intentional with their finances and leveraging the power of community to achieve financial wellness.

“FinTribe is the breakthrough that happened to me this year. It has exposed me to a lot of money-making platforms. FinTribe has made me understand that the thin line between poverty and wealth is information.

I wish I know about FinTribe before now but sha it's all good. Jennifer, God bless you real good for putting up this, especially for women. We now have some sense of security.

My dashboard is making me happy. I also have developed the discipline to save when it's time. Thank you FinTribe.”
Victoria Udochukwu
Sales and Marketing Executive
"FinTribe consistent savings pattern inspired me to discover a life-changing method for saving money, and it has completely transformed my financial habits.

Now, I diligently set aside 10% of every deposit into my account, regardless of the amount to my Fintribe Savings Account.

When I saw the updated balance on my dashboard, I couldn't contain my excitement. Who would have thought that I could save money like this?”
Anita Damina
Business Owner and Brand Influencer
“I would like to commend FinTribe for the thorough analysis of MTN shares as an investment opportunity. The insights shared were comprehensive and well-researched, enabling me to make informed decisions. The guidance provided on its growth prospects, and potential risks were particularly valuable.

The knowledge, and personalized attention I received were commendable."
Jimoh Mariam
Fashion Designer
“Part of the FinTribe community activities is Knowledge sharing and the recent one we had on accessing grants blew me away. I was glued to the session for over two hours and I wasn't tired. ChiChi the facilitator, went overboard by even sharing her real life experience with us. What a huge giveaway. The session impacted and opened my eyes in so many ways.

We had another session weeks ago on Stock. Sincerely speaking, I'm not a fan of Nigerian stock but omor, the guest showed us so many opportunities we've been missing. I never knew once could make money from Nigerian stock.

I've gained so much knowledge since I joined this community and I'm proud to fly the FinTribe banner. FinTribe is a community every woman should join .”
Joy Daniel
Tech/Customer Support Representative
"I’m so grateful for this community, learning new ways to save money and invest. And you see that Nigeria stock market is seriously giving me joy lately …Transcorp alone , between yesterday to today has increased from 236 % to 268%💃🏼 e choke

Even the monthly savings I don't miss it( when I no wan see Jennifer for my dream with reminders 🤣)

God bless you and your team members
Abosede Adeniyi
Business Owner
“Thank you so much Jenny for this FinTribe platform. I've gotten more intentional with my finances and I've saved money that I would have spent on either black tax or just randomly. It's not as much as I would have liked but it's a gradual process and I'm enjoying it so far. God bless you.

From the next one, I'll be investing in millions too."
Udee Gabriella
Business Owner

Let's do this Money Journey together!